Ainsley Vince, Jay Hayes & Nina Fagerström stand out during Classic @ Palgrave II and Summer Classic

Palgrave, ON – June 23, 2014 – Equestrian Management Group

The Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park completed two more weeks of world-class competition after wrapping up the Summer Classic on Sunday (June 22), and Phase II of the Classic @ Palgrave the previous week (June 15).  Over $150,000 in prize money was handed out over the two-week stretch of amateur and pro events, highlighted by two Dodge RAM Equestrian-sponsored Grand Prix classes featuring international competition to cap off both shows.



Jay Hayes and Riva capture the $10,000 Stonewood Management Open Welcome. Photo Courtesy of Ben Radvanyi Photography


“We’ve had two great weeks with great weather and a great turn out of horses and riders,” said show and facility manager Craig Collins. “With a lot of our high performance grand prix riders in Spruce Meadows for the last couple of weeks, it’s given the opportunity to some of the up-and-comers to gain some more Grand Prix experience and get in on some the action.”
Week two’s Summer Classic saw Orangeville Ontario’s Jay Hayes go back-to-back, first winning Friday’s (June 20) $10,000 Stonewood Management Open Welcome on Riva, owned by North Ridge and Summerhill Farms. Hayes also impressed on Saturday (June 21) during the Wines of the World Festival winning the $5,000 Modified Grand Prix on his mount Leonidas, owned by Trish Crang. 

Hayes and Leonidas owned by Trish Crang, pictured here from the $5,000 Wines of the World Modified Grand Prix. Photo Courtesy of Laurel Jarvis.

“He’s 17 years old, which is relatively old for a show jumper, but he just keeps trying and keeps winning,” said Hayes of Leonidas. He’s hard to beat in the meter-forties; he even did some meter-fifties earlier in his career. He might be jumping lower but he’s still the fastest thing on four legs.”   
Guests of the Wines of the World Festival, held annually at the park by the Rotary Club of Palgrave, were treated to an evening of show jumping as organizers teamed up with park management for the first time in the wine show’s 17-year history to hold a special event in conjunction with the festival’s running.  
The Summer Classic closed things out with the $20,000 RAM Equestrian Grand Prix CSI* on Sunday (June 22), designed by American course designer Michael Roy Curtis. After having two horses make the jump off in the previous week’s Grand Prix, Nina Fagerström of Finland once again took the field by storm with three entries making the final. She would eventually win the day on Available Ohio, the latest addition to her team at Finca Horses.

Nina Fagerström won the $20,000 RAM Equestrian Grand Prix at teh Summer Classic. Photo Courtesy of Ben Radvanyi Photography.

“It was a nice ride with him today,” said Fagerström of Available Ohio. “He’s the most experienced of three (who made the jump off). He’s 11 years old and he knows the game. He’s a special horse, I haven’t ridden him much, but out of the eight classes I’ve ridden him so far he’s won five or six.” 
Ainsley Vince of Milton was the big winner of the second phase of the Classic @ Palgrave, which took place June 10-15. The veteran rider took home first place in both the $15,000 Open Welcome and the $35,000 RAM Equestrian Grand Prix CSI* on her mount Frieda, owned by the KMA group.

Ainsley Vince and Frieda at the Classic @ Palgrave Phase 2 CSI*. Photo Courtesy of Shoot Photographic.

Vince won an exciting jump off by almost three full seconds besting four other riders on the course designed by Canadian course designer Chris Brandt. Other riders making the cut included Russian Olympian Ljubov Kochetova and Nina Fagerström of Finland, who each had two entries go clear in the first round. Caledon resident Erynn Ballard, riding Angelstone Partners’ Appy Cara, rounded out the field of six in the jump off. 

Ballard also beat out a field of 37 while winning the Classic @ Palgrave Phase II $7500 Modified Grand Prix on June 14 while riding Sera, owned by Braeburn Farms.

Erynn Ballard and Sera after their Modified Grand Prix win. Photo Courtesy of Shoot Photographic.

“It’s been a very positive start to the year. I basically had to take a year off last year (due to injury), so Florida was a little bit of rehab before getting into the season. I’ve got a strong group of horses, so things are looking pretty good so far,” said Ballard.
The Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park also welcomed two sponsorship partners in equine nutrition specialists TRM Ireland Inc. and Leon’s Furniture of Orangeville. Leon’s has donated the furnishing in the lounge at park’s new main pavilion.  
Open to all visitors the cozy lounge features a bar with both table and couched seating areas, all provided by the Orangeville branch of the furniture retailer. 
“It beautiful, I’ve never seen anything like (the park) before. I’ve seen places like this on television at the Olympics and in the movies, but never anything like this in person. It’s unreal and very impressive,” said Leon’s of Orangeville owner Roland DeLaroca during his first visit to the park. “We are very excited and I think (the new partnership) will be good for both the Caledon Equestrian Park and Leon’s.” 
Up next on the season schedule at the Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park is part one of the Caledon Premier, running from June 25-29. The show will feature the hunters, as the secondary jumper ring will be converted into a hunter course. The week’s highlights include a $2,500 Pony Hunter Classic, $3,000 OHJA Jr/Am Hunter Derby & $3,000 Canadian Hunter Derby for the hunters and a $5,000 Open Welcome & $10,000 Sunday Grand Prix for the jumpers. 
Classic @ Palgrave Phase II (June 10-15)
$35,000 RAM Equestrian Grand Prix CSI* (June 15)
1- Ainsley Vince – Frieda (KMA Group)
2- Nina Fagerström – Flower (Finca Horses)
3- Nina Fagerström – Notaris (Finca Horses)
4- Ljubov Kochetova – Veyron
5- Ljubov Kochetova – Urus 2
$15,000 Open Welcome (June 13)
1- Ainsley Vince – Frieda (KMA Group)
2- Andrew Bourns – Venice (Jaybird Farms)
3- Amy Millar – Alazan (Irish Oaks & Millar Brooke Farm)
4- Adrien Vilcini – Gervantus
5- Nina Fagerström – Flower (Finca Horses)
$7500 Modified Grand Prix (June 14)
1- Erynn Ballard – Sera (Braeburn Farms)
2- Amy Millar – Heros (Beyaert Farm)
3- Nina Fagerström – Available Ohio (Finca Horses)
4- Sydney Vince – Oregon 30 (Trinity Farms)
5- Angela Covert – Cisco’s Zidane (Stal Thijssen B.V.)
2014 Summer Classic
$25,000 RAM Equestrian Grand Prix CSI* (June 22)
1- Nina Fagerström – Available Ohio (Finca Horses)
2- Yann Candele – Fly Girl (Wingberry Farms)
3- Kevin Junior Crosby – Nolde (Jack Towell)
4- Erynn Ballard – Appy Cara (Angelstone Partners)
5- Nina Fagerström – Notaris (Finca Horses)
$10,000 Stonewood Management Open Welcome (June 20)
1- Jay Hayes – Riva (North Ridge and Summerhill Farms)
2- Erynn Ballard – Appy Cara (Angelstone Partners)
3- Hyde Moffat – Stormin’ (Kathleen Spencer)
4- Nina Fagerström – Flower (Finca Horses)
5- Nina Fagerström – Available Ohio (Finca Horses)
$5000 Modified Grand Prix (June 21)
1- Jay Hayes – Leonidas (Trish Crang)
2- Michelle Vandal – Travola (Christina Woodley)
3- Elizabeth Bates – L B Con Amore 
4- Carly Campbell Cooper – Cuno MP (DK Masterson Holdings)
5- Hugh Joseph Graham – Knock Out 3E (Kingridge Stables)