Don Vince Supports Daughter’s Dream

July 3, 2005 – Burlington, ON – Another owner, Don Vince, father of Grand Prix rider Ainsley Vince, began supporting his daughters when they were riding ponies. Don was surprised how well they did and how passionate they were about the sport but, particularly in Ainsley’s case, he never dreamed it would become her career.

Since Ainsley found something she loved, Don’s initial goal was just to help out. Further to helping, he wanted her to have a good ride in every class and create a partnership with each horse. Don’s dream is for Ainsley to have a horse capable of winning in the international arena, World Cup or Olympics but realizes she will need to ‘luck into it’. It is not a question of Ainsley’s talent – she has been the Jump Canada Series Champion the past three years in a row – but the need for Ainsley to train and develop a younger, less expensive horse to the elite level.

Historically, Ainsley’s budget has limited her choice of horses to personalities no one else wanted or younger horses that would need additional time to develop their talents. Don has established syndicates for the purchase of two of Ainsley’s horses where friends have supported her dreams, enjoyed watching her compete and realized a limited tax benefit.

The expectation of the rider from Don’s perspective is to be mindful of the horse’s health and to have respect for the horse as a partner. He wants Ainsley to develop a strong partnership with her horses and work hard at their training and development. In doing her best at competitions, he expects Ainsley to compete fairly and to be a team player if she is participating on the Canadian squad.