At Linden Ridge, we take pride in our exceptional staff. We have a fantastic team of knowledgeable, caring professionals who focus on creating the an ideal environment and experience for our clients and their horses.

Jennifer Courchesne

Horse Care Specialist
Therapy Technician
Winner of the 2012 Royal Hunter Groom Award
With Linden Ridge since 2002

Talia Harvie

Talia joined the Linden Ridge team in 2015 and quickly took on the duties of Horse Care Specialist, Liaison, Therapy Technician and Equipment Coordinator.  In 2017 Talia began a program with Equi-Bow Canada to expand her equine knowledge and became a Certified Equi-Bow Practitioner. In 2019 she founded her business, Elite Equine Bodywork. Equi-Bow is a non-invasive neuromuscular repatterning technique that affects the fascia through soft gentle moments and works to maintain and improve a horses entire body function. Equi-Bow offers great complementary support to veterinary care, chiropractic care, and other forms of bodywork.

Beyond the Everyday…