Linden Ridge


This state-of-the-art facility, designed by Mike Barker and Shift Landscape Architecture, is an ideal training center for the development and maintenance of top show horses and riders.

Designed with the safety, comfort and happiness of its equine inhabitants in mind. Cleanliness, maintenance and efficiency are also key.

Riding areas include a large outdoor sand ring with European-style footing, complete with an irrigation system and a free-draining base. The ring is consistently dust and stone free and can be used in virtually all weather conditions.

The technology used offers the most consistent and safe footing available for the development and maintenance of hunters, jumpers and equitation horses of all levels.
We feature a grass jumping and hunter derby field that incorporates natural obstacles used in competition.

We have access to scenic trail riding in surrounding fields.

The newest addition to our facility is a spacious, state-of-the-art indoor riding arena & sound system. The well insulated, 205’x80′ space is complete with Footing First footing, which is both dust-free and consistent.

Large sliding glass windows which line both sides of the ring can bring sunlight & fresh air into the riding space in addition to framing scenic views of the breathtaking landscapes on and surrounding the farm.

In 2018, we put the finishing touches on a new lounge, which allows for comfortable viewing of the indoor and / or outdoor riding areas. Designed for relaxation, this room is complete with a sound system, a fridge, microwave, coffee maker and water cooler.

Accessible wifi systems enable the most current visual and auditory access and entertainment. This is the perfect spot to catch up on work, schoolwork, socialize or view the lessons at hand.
The barn was built by Frey Building Contractors with maximum efficiency and safety in mind. It is bright and airy, with high ceilings, and fans. These features enable us to maximize air quality for the horses, while minimizing the effects of heat and insects.

The stable offers numerous modern amenities for the comfort and health of today’s show horse and is kept in pristine condition, due to its construction and design.

Classic Equine custom designed stall fronts to allow horses to extend their heads into the aisle – letting them socialize with other horses and people. Doors are lined with rubber to protect horses from possible knee or ankle injuries. Each 12’x12′ stall is either rubber-matted or equipped with ‘Softstall‘ and constructed with a large window.

Horses are always able to see outside their stalls, creating a relaxing environment and providing maximum airflow to each stall. All bars are closely spaced and welded to ensure maximum safety.

An organic insect control system provided by ‘Dipterra’ offers each horse non-toxic relief and protection from flies and mosquitoes.

The aisle way and entrances to the barn are constructed from ‘Softstep‘ rubber-brick tiles, manufactured by Champagne Edition, providing safety and comfort for horses in residence.

Both wash and grooming stalls were designed with safety and efficiency in mind.

Laundry facilities enable us to keep bandages, blankets, boots and saddle pads clean at all times for maximum health and comfort of the horses.

Daily turnout includes grass and all-weather options. Paddocks are newly-fenced, appropriately sized and within easy access and view from the barn. Turnout is safe and pleasant for competition horses.

Trinity Farm provides a truck and trailer, complete with air-ride and security camera, on site. Horse transportation is accessible to Linden ridge at all times, for safety and security of horses stabled on the property. In case emergencies should it ever arise, immediate care can be provided.

We are located within 30 minutes of the equine hospital at the University of Guelph and we are also within easy driving distance of clinics in Milton, Campellville, London, & Woodbine racetrack.

We have full-time staff housing on premise, providing additional security and safety for both horses and riders at Linden Ridge.

An electric gate, accessible by punch code, provides privacy and security to residents of Linden Ridge and keeps horses a safe distance from the road.

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