Linden Ridge


All horses in residence at Linden Ridge receive daily grooming, bathing (if necessary), individual turnout and blanketing. 

All horses are kept in a carefully monitored veterinary and farrier program, using only the finest professionals in each field.

All work and lessons are custom tailored to suit each animal’s needs. Feed and supplement programs are designed to enable each horse to reach its full potential. 

Daily cosmetic care, (such as clipping legs, ears, muzzles, pulling manes and trimming tails), along with grooming supplies are provided and included in board costs. Laundry service for bandages, saddle pads, blankets, etc. is also covered.

We keep a low horse-to-staff ratio and employ highly-trained and experienced grooms, so that horses receive the optimum level of care and maintenance.

Staff return to check horses, re-blanket and feed hay 365 nights a year. This ensures that each horse’s health is monitored as closely as possible.

Linden Ridge provides and utilizes numerous forms of therapeutic equipment, such as laser, centrifugal massage, electro-magnetic, ultrasound, vibration and hot & cold compression therapy for the optimum maintenance and health of our animals.

Our Horse-Gym 2000 treadmill ensures that each horse has a well-rounded exercise regime available to suit its individual needs.


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